Marko Desivojevic Interiors is a boutique interior design studio based in Belgrade, Serbia, specializing in residential projects, with occasional, yet rhythmic forays into more commercial and hospitality fields. The studio is known for its sophisticated aesthetic sensibility, recognized by clients from varied backgrounds and geographies for an artistic integrity that goes hand in hand with a deep understanding of their needs, and an outstanding service. There is one thing that is never in question when it comes to Marko’s projects, and that is no compromise in the excellence of the quality. Each and every one is unique and remarkable, as it is the outcome of a strategic collaboration between a number of top builders, artisans, furniture suppliers, art galleries, and landscape architects.

Marko originates from the Balkans, a crossroads where multiple cultures, traditions and legacies collide. This vibrant environment constantly shapes Marko’s artistic sensibility and creative rebellion. His work is defined by his roaming through nature, cities and art spheres all around the world and his unfailing ability to be bewildered. The way he tackles shapes, colors and materials combines simplicity, respect, and innovation, and he is always keen on celebrating materials, letting them speak for themselves and expand. His interiors are comfortable and contemporary, and the luxury they convey comes from his attentiveness to context and details. His skillful orchestration ensures a continuous dialogue between the different elements involved. The architecture he proclaims honors the surrounding and what has already existed, whilst also seeking to reinvent and beautify, to create coexistence and connection. There is a modern timelessness to Marko’s work, the spaces he curates speak of his energy and philosophy but they are always first and foremost about the distinctive personality of the client.